JetBlue Gluten-Free Meal

Friday, December 19th, 2014 | click here to comment

Anyone who has ever brought a carry on bag on a plane packed to the brim with gluten-free goodies knows exactly how refreshing and welcoming it is to see an airline offer a gluten-free friendly meal during your flight. 

Domestic flights typically don't offer the ability to order a gluten-free meal in advance, so you're left to discover exactly what they may or may not have in store for you once you board. On a recent flight to Austin, I was happy to discover JetBlue offered a gluten-free friendly snack pack that was actually GOOD (gasp!). 

The snack pack came with olives, hummus, crackers, cookies, chickpeas and raisins. I liked (and ate!) everything, but I enjoyed the olives the most. Something about olives on a plane makes me think of the 1950s and martinis. Don’t ask me why. 

I hope JetBlue continues to offer the gluten-free snack pack on all flights and perhaps even expand their offering to include more gluten-free snack options? A girl can dream! :) 

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