Jennifer Lawrence Says Gluten-Free Is "The New Cool Eating Disorder"

Friday, October 17th, 2014 | click here to comment

I know she is the Hollywood IT girl and is obviously throwing shade at Gwyneth Paltrow, but Jennifer Lawrence is seriously misinformed when it comes to the gluten-free diet

Maybe her experience has been confined to the limited world of Hollywood royalty, who are only concerned with keep pounds off, but that is far from the reality of those who have Celiac Disease and have to eat gluten-free to prevent major health issues. 

Yes, a lot of people have jumped on the gluten-free bandwagon for various reasons non-related to Celiac Disease, but let's not take away from the fact that millions of people, including my mother, have to eat gluten-free for health reasons. It's not about keeping a trim figure, which in many cases will backfire on you once you discover the high-caloric gluten-free treats out there, or following some celebrity fad. In fact, many people who have Celiac Disease would gladly trade the limitation for the chance to enjoy a real croissant or a New York City slice of pizza. Unfortuantely they don't have the luxury of choice. 

So JLaw, I know you're super candid and what not, but it often pays to think first before speaking. 


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