Girl Scouts Go Gluten-Free

Monday, February 3rd, 2014 | click here to comment

How many of us have been hoping and wishing for gluten-free Girl Scout cookies? Well, your wishes have been answered

Girl Scouts are now introducing a gluten-free cookie in some test markets around the country. Don't get TOO excited though. The cookie they are testing is a Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookie. Really? That's the best they could do to answer the request for gluten-free cookies? 

I could go to my local Whole Foods and buy about a million different versions of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I don't want another gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. I want gluten-free Samoas! 

I guess they have to start somewhere and if this means that they will look to expand their line of gluten-free cookies, then great! 

Have you seen or tried the gluten-free Girl Scout cookies yet? Tell me in the comments. 

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