Bear River Valley Choco Chomp

Sunday, November 10th, 2013 | click here to comment

All natural does not mean non-GMO. 

I discovered this after falling in love with Bear River Valley's Gluten-Free Choco Chomp cereal. I mean like seriously in love. I found it in Fairway for $2.50! That's pretty much unheard of when it comes to "natural" cereals. It's based on Cocoa Pebbles and from I can tell it's pretty much exactly the same, except it tastes better for some reason. The cereal is crispier and the chocolate is not as sweet. 

The major bonus? My stomach doesn't hurt after I eat it. Usually when I have Cocoa Pebbles my stomach will hurt and I'll feel slightly ill, but so far I haven't experienced any of that with the Bear River Valley cereal, and trust me I've been eating a ton of it! 

Bear River Valley Choco Chomp

The downside about the cereal is that while it's "all natural" it's most definitely not non-GMO or organic. At least they are honest enough to own up to it

Oh and in case you were wondering, Bear River Valley is owned by MOM Brands aka Malt-O-Meal. Random eh?

Have you tried Choco Chomps before? Share your thoughts with me in the comments or tweet me @misterbelly on Twitter! 


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