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Saturday, September 21st, 2013 | click here to comment

Colony is my guilty pleasure. There I said it. 

I go to Colony Grill once a month to indulge in an entire pizza pie… for myself. Of course I bring the husband and child along to participate in my hedonism. And you guessed it, we each get our own pie. 

I'm not ashamed and frankly if you went to Colony and tried their hot oil and stinger pizza, you'd get your own pie too. It's that good. 

When I found out Colony Grill offered gluten-free pizza I nearly lost my shit. I had been reading about people fawning all over the Colony hot oil pizzas for so long that I simple HAD to try it. I didn't care about cross-contamination, which can be a concern if you go to Colony (even though they cook their pizzas in a separate oven), I just wanted that spicy oil and hot cheese on my tongue. Lactose-intolerant or not, it's SO worth it. 

Whenever I go to Colony I pop a Lactaid pill (which are gluten-free in case you are lactose intolerant too) and bounce up and down in my chair like a little kid until my personal gluten-free pizza emerges from the kitchen. My drug of choice lately is hot oil and pepperoni, which is like an oil extravaganza and so freaking good. 

Colony Grill Gluten Free

For a good 15 minutes you hear about silence from me, the tot and husband as we dig in. A half pie later I always consider stopping and saving the rest for another day, but I inevitably just eat the whole thing anyway. 

If you're in CT and you want a good pizza, go to Colony. It's NOT New York-style pizza, but it's damn good for what it is. Make sure you order the hot oil on top. Oh and here's a tip, you can get extra hot oil on the side if you ask. 

For those very sensitive to gluten, you might want to steer clear. Colony is first and foremost a pizza joint that serves up tons of wheat-laden pies. If you are concerned about cross-contamination, call before you go to ask. 


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