Cosi Adds Gluten-Free Bowl To Menu

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 | click here to comment

Sandwich chain Cosi is looking to diversify its offering by revamping their formerly gluten-laden bowls to be gluten-free. 

" In a May 16 conference call with analysts to discuss first-quarter financials, Ms. Stutz said that while most consumers liked the bowls, some compared them to other bowls that already are in the marketplace.

“They want them to be bigger and more plentiful,” she said. “So we did try to go with the 500 calorie and try to zero in on a real healthy number, but the consumer is saying we want those to be a little more filling. 
“There are a lot of requests for gluten-free. So, the new grain on those (bowls) will be a gluten-free base.” "

From what I can glean from their website, the new gluten-free grains are basmati rice and quinoa. While I applaud Cosi for trying to expand its offering beyond sandwiches, I'm a little dubious about cross-contamination and preparation methods since they are primarily known for their sandwiches. 
What do you think? Would you try one of Cosi's gluten-free bowls?


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