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Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 | click here to comment

Raise your hand if you work in the city, are gluten-free and you're tired of having salad for lunch. I'm going to go head and put both hands up AND my feet for good measure. 

I eat salads like they are going out of style, and more often than not it's a major pain in the ass because salad bars, even the "we toss it for you" places, take little care to avoid cross-contamination. They double dip tongs like crazy, or grab a fist full of croutons and then touch your salad like it's no big deal. Or if you frequent places like Chop't, be careful of the knives they use to cut salads, they almost never wash them between uses. 

I've pretty much sworn off salads unless it's a place I know and trust, or I can make my own salad via a salad bar.

Blossom Du Jour has come to my rescue and is like the best kept secret in NYC, or so I have deduced, because I haven't heard about it until I started working in Times Square and was desperately seeking places to get non-chain restaurant food. Maybe I just didn't pay attention to it because I normally avoid Times Square and the surrounding area like the plague. I grew up in NY and TSQ doesn't factor into places I want to hang out in the least bit. In fact, when I look at maps, it's like the area Times Square occupies is a black hole for me and I look anywhere to the North, South, West or East of it, but never in the heart. 

Once I started working in the area I had to suck it up and find some gluten-free grub that wasn't a salad. So far I've uncovered a few places, but the best has to be Blossom Du Jour, which is a gluten-free and vegan cafe. It's a tiny hole in the wall, but man alive is it good. I've been there a few times now and have gotten the gluten-free burrito which is chockfull of rice, beans, cheese, sour cream and guar (extra add on). It's gigantic and the whole thing is vegan and the tortilla is decent for being gluten-free. For $10, it will fill you up for lunch and well into dinner time.  Don't pass up the smoothies either! I had a banana-strawberry smoothie that was so yummy I nursed it for at least an hour or two just so I could savor the taste for as long as possible. 

I'm already thinking about when I can go back and scarf a burrito again!


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