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Saturday, May 4th, 2013 | click here to comment

Get ready to get your gluten-free socks knocked off; Georgetown Cupcake has gluten-free cupcakes!

Ok, maybe you knew that already, but I had no idea about Georgetown Cupcake as a whole, let alone the fact that they have gluten-free cupcakes. Located in SoHo on Mercer Street between Prince and Spring, the brightly colored establishment attracts a steady stream of customers no matter what time of day it is.

We (Mr. misterbelly and I) stumbled onto Georgetown Cupcake when taking the tot out for a treat after dinner. We were on our way to Baked By Melissa's, when I saw the sign for Georgetown. Knowing nothing about it, aside from the fact that they sold cupcakes, we wandered in. I was immediately drooling from the second I laid eyes on the cupcakes. Holy crap did they look good!

We got our little one a cupcake and sat down so she could eat it. I'm so used to places like this not having anything gluten-free that I don't even look anymore. After commenting to my husband that this would be the sort of place that would make a killing offering gluten-free, I glanced at the menu board and lo and behold was a gluten-free version! I tried to buy it, but they were sold out. Saddened, I left, but decided to stop in again the next week.

Gluten Free Cupcake Georgetown Cupcake

This time, they DID have a gluten-free version in stock, and I took it all the way home. Lovingly cradling it in my hands.

Now, let's hold up for a second. Georgetown Cupcake is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, so there is a major risk of cross-contamination and I would NOT recommend going here if you are highly sensitive and/or a diagnosed Celiac. The risk is not worth it for you guys, sorry. Georgetown confirmed in a tweet to me that the GF cupcakes are prepared on separate equipment, but they are still exposed to the same air as the others. We all know that flour can hang in the air, so it's something to be cautious about.

For the rest of us, go for it! The cake is not exactly the best, it almost reminded me of the gluten-free Betty Crocker box cake, but the frosting...oh my goodness. You would expect the frosting to be stiff buttercream upon looking at it, but it's pillowy soft creamcheese. It melts on your tongue the second you bite into it, coating it in a cloud of sweet (but not too sweet) yumminess.

I literally exclaimed "Holy shit!" when I took a bite. Yup.

P.S. Thank goodness for Lactaid pills.

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