Jennifer Esposito To Star in New Gluten-Free Reality Show

Saturday, March 16th, 2013 | click here to comment

Gluten-free divas aspiring to be famous on the Food Network or Cooking Channel better give up that dream because Jennifer Esposito is waltzing onto E! with a new reality show all about living as a Celiac and opening her new gluten-free bakery Jennifer's Way Bakery. 

All hope is not lost though. Jennifer IS looking for people to work at her bakery and working a 9-5 with her may also include an on-camera appearance according to a recent post from Erin at Gluten-Free Fun who shared an email received from a TV producer about a "top-secret" project involving a celebrity who just opened a bakery in the city. 

I mean wow, we're all scratching our heads on just who that celebrity with Celiac disease could be right? Um, yeah. 

Head on over to Erin's post to get the skinny on who to email for a chance to be employed by Jennifer Esposito AND potentially appear on TV. 

Read more about Jennifer's upcoming TV show (and her rant against CBS) on Daily News.

P.S. I should totally be making some cash dollars off of all of my Jennifer posts lately. Yeesh! Can a sister at least get a thank you from her? ;)  

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