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Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 | click here to comment

Gluten-free peeps in NYC are spoiled. There, I said it. 

Why, you ask? Well, we have a TON of choices in the city when it comes to eating out, buying products and scoring oodles of delish baked goods. Now NYC may not be as spoiled as Portland for instance, but we rank pretty damn high on the spoiled scale for sure. 

One thing you can find in abundance in NYC are gluten-free bakeries. They are everywhere, and more pop up every day. For those who don't have traditional storefronts, they get crafty and sell their goods at other retailers like coffee shops, natural foods stores and more. 

I've visited quite a few of the GF bakeries in NYC including Tu-lu's and Babycakes, both of which I love. When I heard that a new bakery had opened, started by Jennifer Esposito, I know I had to check it out. 

Jennifer's Way Bakery Jennifer Esposito

photo via Jennifer's Way Facebook page

Almost every GF person in NYC (and everywhere else) knows about Jennifer Esposito (who I remember fondly from Spin City in the 90s) and her struggle with Celiac disease. She was supposedly even laid off of Blue Bloods because of her symptoms from the disease. Instead of being understanding about it, she claims the network let her go. Not one to let it get to her, she focused all of her energy on starting her own line of gluten-free products, and now has a bakery called Jennifer's Way  Bakery in the East Village. 

I recruited a friend from work, who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, to head over to Jennifer's bakery with me on a cold and rainy day to check it out. 

The bakery itself is super cute and cozy with a big table off to the side. We walked in and immediately noticed that Jennifer was sitting there catching up on business and making plans to get the word out about her bakery with her team. I have to give her kudos for being truly involved with her bakery instead of just passing it off to someone else to deal with like so many celebrities tend to do. 

The baked goods case, while small, had an array of yummy looking treats to choose from including cookies, cupcakes and fresh baked breads. It was hard deciding which treats to buy, but I finally decided on a couple of vegan chocolate chip cookies, a raspberry jam cookie and a teeny, tiny Devil's Food cupcake. All of the treats were dairy-free, in addition to being gluten-free. The chocolate chip cookies were actually vegan! 

Jennifer's Way Bakery

I couldn't wait to try the cupcake so as soon as we left the store, my friend and I huddled under my umbrella and I scarfed the mini cupcake in one bite. It was extremely moist, with a slight tang which I *think* is from apple sauce. The frosting was sweet, but not over-powering, if a tiny bit crunchy from the sugar in it. 

As soon we got back to our office, I devoured the rest of my treats, but not before snapping a photo of them to share with you. 

The chocolate chip cookies were actually quite good, albeit a bit healthy tasting since they are vegan. I loved the texture, which was soft and chewy. The raspberry cookie was also good, but not my favorite. The texture was like a soft oatmeal cookie, and the flavor was very much similar to an oatmeal cookie, except with a dollop of raspberry jam on top. It was good, but I think I was in more of a sweet and decadent mood that day. 

Jennifer's Way Bakery seems like a great addition to the gluten-free foodie landscape in NYC, offering something for everyone. Plus, it's right next to Quintessence, so you can have a healthy lunch and indulge in a tasty treat for dessert.


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