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Monday, February 4th, 2013 | click here to comment

I'm going to be honest with you up front. I suck at baking. 

I seriously start to break out in a sweat and get close to having heart palpitations when I attempt any kind of baking in the kitchen that doesn't come out of a convenient box. I wasn't always this way. I used to LOVE baking. I could spend hours preparing some wonderful concoction to everyone's delight. But that was before my gluten-free life adventure. 

Namaste Foods

Gluten-free baking changes everything. 

Namaste Foods Pie Mix

I have no idea how to mix flours, add xanthan gum or whatever other kind of science experiments some of the more savvy GF bakers out there employ. I seriously don't know how they figure it all out. But hey, thank goodness they do because otherwise we'd all be up the creek without a paddle, right? 

Gluten Free Empanadas

Gluten Free Empanadas

I came across Namaste Foods at the Nourished Food Blogger Conference in Chicago last year and when I tasted their blondie brownies I was hooked. I had the opportunity to try a few of their mixes and they give me hope for my future in gluten-free baking. That's saying a lot coming from me. 

Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

I've done a few things with their pie mix so far including making empanadas successfully AND chicken pot pie! I feel re-energized about baking and am actually looking forward to doing more. The best part about their mix is that you can use it multiple times, it's not just a one and done deal. The bag has way more flour than you will ever need for one recipe. I already used it on two different recipes and still have plenty of mix leftover to make a pie or two, which I intend to do next. 

Misterbelly Namaste

As for their chocolate cake mix, it's absolutely yummy. The cupcakes I made were moist and flavorful and not grainy/gritty at all. That's definitely a mega plus seeing as some brands are not so successful in that realm. 

Namaste Foods Cupcake

Namaste Foods Cupcake

Namaste Foods gets a big thumbs up from me. I can't wait to try more of their mixes and see them expand into even more products. 

Have you tried Namaste Foods mixes before? Which one did you try and what did you think?


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