Dunkin' Donuts Goes Gluten-Free

Saturday, January 5th, 2013 | click here to comment

This could possibly be the best news ever. 

I don't care how chemically and calorically-laden their donuts are. I CRAVE Dunkin' Donuts. I love the disgustingly sweet chocolate frosting and sprinkles, I dream about crullers and I wistfully think about the days when I would sink my teeth into a perfectly powdered jelly donut and taste that sweet, slightly chilled strawberry jam inside. 

If there is one fast food brand I want to offer gluten-free options, Dunkin' Donuts is it. I am tired of people bringing in "donut treats" to the office and everyone eats one, but me. Instead I'm that person that will sit next to the donuts just to inhale their heavenly aroma. Don't tell me you haven't done it before too.

When I read a few Dunkin' Donuts locations in Boston and Miami were testing gluten-free options, my jaw fell to floor. It seems Cinnamon Sugar is only one gluten-free donut option so far along with a gluten-free blueberry muffin option. 

They also appear to be individually wrapped as per this photo from the Gluten-Free South Florida Facebook page

Dunkin Donuts Gluten Free

All I know is that I must try any gluten-free Dunkin' Donuts products. Sign me up immediately. 

Who else is on board to try the new gluten-free options? Post a comment below or tweet me @misterbelly. Think the new gluten-free options are horrible idea? Tell me why.

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