Gluten-Free Mallobars

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 | click here to comment

It's easy to blog about food that turned out successfully and looks fantastic, but I have just as many failures for all of my successes. Like my attempt to make gluten-free Mallobars. 

It sounded like a fabulous idea when I came across the recipe on Pinterest and I even envisioned the whole thing in my head. Me dressed up like a Betty Crocker Stepford wife and a batch of freshly prepared mallobars in my hands, beaming as I present them to my doting/loving family. What could possibly go wrong? Everything apparently.

Schar Honey Graham Crackers

I had some gluten-free Honey Graham Crackers from Schar on hand and figured THIS was going to be the perfect time to utilize them. I mean, what better way to really honor this tasty cracker then by becoming the base of a delish mallobar treat??

In hindsight, I woud have gone with something more worthy of the graham crackers since they actually were really tasty and it was a shame they ended up in my abomination of a dessert.

Anyway, the recipe I was basing my good intentions on my dessert on sounded like a real pain in the ass between making the fluff and graham cracker base from scratch.  Instead I decided to wing it and use a container of marshmallow fluff (which is gluten-free in case you didn't know), the Schar crackers and some chocolate to top it all off. 

When it got to making all of the individual components, it was smooth sailing and everything tasted great. I made the graham cracker base by combining the entire box of graham crackers, which I crushed up, with  6 tablespoons of butter and 1/4 cup of sugar. I pressed the mixture into a glass pan and popped it in the oven to set up for a few minutes. What emerged was a warm, heavenly smelling concoction that was oblivious to the impending doom. 

The fluff was easy as can be. The hardest part was getting it out of the container and then mixing it  with some honey. Applying it on top of the graham cracker crust was hella annoying too. What I learned was unless you are eating fluff with your fingers, it basically just wants to stay in the container and wants you to leave it the fluff alone. 

Now the chocolate is where I went horribly wrong. I normally make a lovely ganache by melting some chocolate with butter and sometimes a little corn syrup, but this time I decided to add in milk. It came together ok and then it started to separate in the double boiler. No worries I thought, I'll just smooth it on top of the fluff and it will be fine. It wasn't. 

After fighting with the fluff to get it on top of the graham crackers, I poured all of the chocolate on top and thought "wow, that looks hideous." I didn't want to judge too soon so I put it in the fridge, and what emerged in the morning was just as ugly, if not uglier than what I put in. The fat from the milk had congealed on top and it just looked ew. I spared you the full horribleness of the photo by making it black and white. The full color version is just too Medusa-like. 

Gluten-Free Mallobar

My toddler came by as I was staring at disbelief at the "mallobars" and demanded to try a piece, so I gave her one and she has declared it yummy. Go figure. 

I took a bite and while not BAD, it's really wasn't good either. It was ridiculously sweet and cloying and the chocolate was just all over the place. So basically, if I had just left it at the crust and marshmallow fluff, it would have been fantastic...but probably not. Who am I kidding? 

The moral of the story is that even failed desserts are ok for toddlers (depending on the level of failure) and sometimes dogs (assuming there are no toxic ingredients for them). 

Ah well! 

Have you ever made something that was a disaster? What was it?

Gluten-Free Mallobar


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