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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 | click here to comment

Normally I try to avoid anything that is overtly a "Plan B." It usually connotes second best, or an afterthought, but I put those feelings aside and decided to give Plan B Burger Bar a chance. 


Well, quite simply because they not only have a gluten-free menu for their vast array of burger options, but they also have a gluten-free burger bun to enjoy your meat-splosion on. Here's the kicker. I thought the bun was something they made just for the restaurant, but I confirmed with Plan B in Stamford that they in fact use individually wrapped Udi's Hamburger Buns. I was completely shocked because the texture seemed different to me, but I guess I was fooled! Although if you look at the photo, you can see that my burger bun looks different from the Udi's version. Maybe they didn't switch yet??

Gluten Free Plan B Burger

The buns had a chewy, slightly sweet taste to them. The only downside was they were really crumbly. It's not so wonderful trying to eat a burger when your bun is crumbling all over the plate, but I tried to overlook that seeing as how the burger itself is quite good and in spite of all the crumbling, the bun is actually good too. I guess Plan B is not hip to the fact that most gluten-free breads need to be toasted in order to be good and hold up better to moisture. 

After a while I gave up and just used a fork and knife to eat my burger and bun, but it didn't really bother me. For me, it's more about the flavor of the burger and I was really into their ground beef. It definitely isn't compact patty form, but rather a looser patty that feels like it was ground to order just for you (whether it was or wasn't). The meat is flavorful and my burger was cooked to perfection the first time around. On the second visit it was a bit well for my taste, but still pretty tasty. 

mr. misterbelly touts PBR

Now, being gluten-free, you have to be conscious of a few things at Plan B. Pretty much the burgers are the only things you can "safely" eat there. Keep in mind that cross-contamination can be an issue. Any of the items fried in oil are NOT safe to eat as they are fried in the same oil as gluten-laden menu items. I so wanted to try the Hot Wings or the American Nachos, but didn't because they don't use a dedicated fryer. 

If you are a burger purist and can't stand the thought of eating your gluten-free burger with a fork and knife, avoid Plan B at all costs, but if you're a sensible human looking for a good burger and you can deal with a little bit of crumbling. Well friends, Plan B is your go-to. 


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