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Asian food can sometimes be the hardest to modify for gluten-free diets because of the hidden wheat in soy, bean and other various sauces that are essential to the overall umami of certain dishes. Luckily there are a few places that are savvy to gluten-freedom and knowledgeable about their recipes to modify them enough to suit a gluten-free diet, like Rhong Tiam

rhong tiam nyc

I don't know remember how I found out about Rhong Tiam, but once I tasted their delicious gluten-free noodles, I was addicted. I've even gone so far as to trek there for lunch during the week a few times, and seeing as it's 20 blocks away from my office, that's definitely a commitment. 

rhong tiam nyc

taking a spin in the mod chairs

I've been going to Rhong Tiam for a while now, and every time it's consistently good. The 'Drunk Man Noodles' are my favorite. Salty, sweet, savory and slightly sour all in one bite - perfection if you ask me. On those days when you just feel like having a warm bowl of comfort food, this is it.

dumplings rhong tiam 

The Flaming Green Bean Chicken is another winner with a delightfully spicy kick that will have you reaching for your bottle of Smart Water for relief and then digging right back in. I'm still working my way through the menu, and there are no lack options to choose from. The one thing I wasn't a huge fan of were their dumplings. I'm more a pan fried dumpling fan and Rhong's are steamed, which makes for a bit of a gummy texture that I wasn't a fond of. The Maya Chicken, Pork on Fire and Asian Beef with Broccoli are all next on my list to try. 

flaming green bean chicken rhong tiam

I find Rhong Tiam to be a nice departure from the mundane sameness in gluten-freedom around NYC. I just get to the point where I'm like how much gluten-free pizza and pasta can I possibly eat? More importantly, do I REALLY want a whole personal pan pizza for myself? Nope, not really. But you know what? I do want some yummy noodles that I can chow down on when I'm feeling like I need an emotional pick me up or to recover from one too many glasses of wine the night before. 

drunk man noodles rhong tiam

Have you checked out Rhong Tiam before? Share your thoughts with me in the comments. 


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