Kettle Brand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Monday, August 20th, 2012 | click here to comment

Kettle Brand celebrated their 30th birthday in style by bringing back at Limited Edition batch of chips. For the next year, you'll be able to find four of their favorite retired flavors in stores: Red Chili, Jalapeño Jack, Salsa with Mesquite and Cheddar Beer. The best part? All of the flavors are gluten-free, including the Cheddar Beer flavor! 

I'm a huge fan of Kettle Brand chips and have developed an obsession for their TIAS! line, especially the Salsa flavor which reminds me of a better Doritos chip, so I was stoked when the Kettle folks offered the chance to try the new Limited Edition line AND offer a giveaway to all of you so you can try them too. 

You'll receive each of the four Limited Edition flavors PLUS four additional flavors that are MY personal favorite Kettle Brand chips, which are: Sea Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno, Sweet Onion, and Sea Salt. A chip spread like this would be perfect to have on hand for an end of summer BBQ. In case you were wondering, all of the bonus flavors are gluten-free too, so you can eat without worry. 

Want to know what the Limited Edition flavors taste like? Check out the descriptions below, along with my take on each. I've also posted up a video on SocialCam, which you can check out on YouTube. 

Red Chili – Introduced in 1982 after Unsalted and Lightly Salted, this flavor mirrors the taste of sriracha sauce combined with a vinegar tang and Cayenne pepper for a searing red chili heat. While it may have launched ahead of its time, this chip is making an on-trend comeback with the flavors and foods of today.

  • misterbelly's take: Ok, so anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE Sriracha. I have something of an obsession with it and strive to add it to as many foods as I possibly can. I was very excited to try the Red Chili to see if it had that spicy kick that I love about Sriracha, but this flavor was was a much milder version. I didn't get a strong tangy flavor from the chip, it was more of a subtle peppery sweet flavor. Just for kicks, I put sriracha on it to try it and I LOVED it.

Jalapeño Jack – Originally debuted in 1989, this flavor not only has a visual resemblance to a slice of Pepper Jack cheese, but has the same creamy, salty Jack cheese base mixed with the spice of red and green peppers and a strong jalapeño flavor.

  • misterbelly's take: I really liked this flavor. It actually really closely reminded me of Sour Cream & Onion strangely enough. I couldn't eat as many as I wanted to since they have dairy and I'm lactose intolerant, but I might be tempted to take a Lactaid pill and chow down on the rest of this bag. 

Salsa with Mesquite – First launched in 1999, vocal fans have long mourned this favorite’s absence. Tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and garlic blend with the bright flavor of lime to create an unmatched combination that’s sweet, smoky and salty.

  • misterbelly's take - I'm still on the fence about this one. It has a very strong flavor profile, but I can't quite pinpoint any one flavor. I actually kept eating these to try and figure out what they tasted like, and still couldn't put my finger on it. A good chip, just unusual. 

Cheddar Beer – After debuting as a fan pick during the brand’s first People’s Choice vote in 2005, this flavor earned a cult following. A combination of tangy sharp cheese with malty beer notes forms a perfect balance of smooth and salty flavors.

  • misterbelly's take - I was really worried about this flavor because I thought how could anything beer flavored be gluten-free? But it is, and luckily for that because this is a yummy chip if you're into cheddar. The cheddar flavor is very pronounced, but not in a Cheetos way, it's more of an extra sharp cheddar flavor. If you're a cheddar lover, this is your chip!

So now that you have the skinny on the new Limited Edition flavors, why don't you enter my giveaway to try them for yourself? Remember, you'll win all four Limited Edition flavors above PLUS my personal favorited from Kettle Brand: Jalapeno, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Onion and Sea Salt. That's about $30 in chips folks!

Stock up now for your end of the summer BBQ or for Halloween. All flavors for this giveaway are gluten-free, made with all natural ingredients, no trans fats, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives. Kettle Brand products are made with Non-GMO ingredients and it’s the first and only potato chip brand to be verified by the Non-GMO Project.

To enter: Simply post a comment below telling me which of the Limited Edition flavors sounds the best to you. To post a comment, click the Disqus button below and login to comment using Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or another preferred method. It's super simple!


  • For two entries, post a comment below telling me which of the Limited Edition flavors sounds best to you, plus 'like' my misterbelly Facebook page ( and post a comment letting me know that you're entering the Kettle chip giveaway.

Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM ET on August 31st. Winner will be selected randomly and announced on Monday, September 3rd.  Giveaway  open to U.S. residents only. Prize shipped directly from Kettle Brand. does not guarantee condition of product upon receipt.  Good luck!

*Update: The winner is FutureDVM24! Congratulations!


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