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Saturday, August 11th, 2012 | click here to comment

{This is an excerpt from a larger post. To read my entire post on San Francisco, click here.}

We decided to try Pica, Pica Maize Kitchen first. I heard good things about Pica from Facebook friends and was super excited to try their food.  Pica does three varieties of sandwiches, all corn based. There is your traditional arepa which is a basic corn flour cake, cachapa which is a sweet corn pancake and a Maize’wich, which is sweet corn bread. I can get some pretty awesome arepas at Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk, CT, so I decided to opt for the cachapa and OMG was it freaking good. I had the pernil sandwich with a side of fried yucca. The pernil was delectable pork goodness and the aioli was a nice garlicky contrast to the sweet corn pancake and made the whole thing sing. I was a little sad I didn't order more, but I wanted to save myself so I could continue snacking my way through the marketplace. 

cachapa pica pica kitchen

yuca fries pica kitchen

We went over to C Casa next to try their "tacos" or as Mr. misterbelly called it "a tostada on a soft shell." Their tacos are CRAY. The toppings take up the entire taco, so much so that you can’t even see the shell at all. You can't pick it up; don't even try or you will end up totally messy. I felt weird eating it with a fork and knife, but there was no other sane way to get the taco into your mouth. The flavors are not your typical combinations either. We tried the Chilorio and the C Casa Chicken tacos, both topped with an insane amount of romaine lettuce.

c casa tacos

C Casa is definitely more of an eclectic taco joint, but good in their own way. There isn't anything out there that I can compare it to, so they live in their own world as far as I'm concerned. They were one of the vendors touting gluten-free proudly, so no worries there. They were also really accommodating of my dairy restriction, which gives them brownie points in my book.

Before we left the market, Mr. misterbelly had to get his obligatory cup of espresso, this time from Ritual Coffee Roasters and we even scored some freshly made ice cream from Three Twins Ice Cream for the little one, much to her delight (not the $60K one in the photo obvi). 

three twins ice cream

Full and happy we left Oxbow Public Market and made the trek back to San Francisco.

That night we had no idea where or what to eat and thought a trip to the mission would turn up something good, preferably tacos. Poor planning led us to one of the most random taco places I have ever been in. It was grimy, sketchy and suspect all at the same time, but by that point we were committed and ate there anyway. I can't remember the name of the place and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, so I won't bother to go into many more details. If you're looking for tacos, the mission has loads of places to check out. Next time I'd probably stick with Faralito's or something similar.


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