La Fusion | San Francisco, CA

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 | click here to comment

{This is an excerpt from a larger post. To read my entire post on San Francisco, click here.}

The real stars of the show at La Fusion were their dipping sauces. I don't know why they are so chintzy with their portions, but they should ladle that stuff by the gallon into huge bowls. The chicken, which is what they specialize in, was pretty amaze too, but that could have been because I was starving and wild eyed by the time we finally ate. It's normally served on a bread salad, but they put the salad off to the side so Mr. misterbelly could chow down on his gluten. I dredged bits of chicken in the various sauces and concluded the green one was the best, followed closely by the chimmichuri-style sauce. The portion of the chicken was a bit small. I could have easily eaten a whole one by myself, but we shared it thinking a whole chicken might be too much for one person. Note to yourself if you go, order one chicken per person and LOTS of sangria. Skip the side dishes; they are nothing to write home about. 

From there we went back to our hotel and collapsed in a heap. Not exactly the night on the town I used to have pre-toddler, but actually in some ways more satisfying.


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