Thai Basil | Greenwich, CT

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 | click here to comment

I should have been born Asian.  Why you ask? Well, let’s see: 

  • All of my closest friends are Asian
  • I eat a lot of Asian food (as you can tell if you read my blog regularly)
  • I want to adopt an Asian baby later in life (true story)

The thing is, I’m not Asian (not even close) and I’m not really sure why I’m drawn to that culture, but I can’t get enough, especially the food. The downside about a lot of Asian foods is that they are not gluten-free and a lot of them can’t even be altered to be gluten-free without sacrificing taste. 

I’m always skeptical when I find a restaurant that offers gluten-free Asian food, not to say that P.F. Chang’s is bad, but it’s not really that good either. I was beyond thrilled to find a Thai restaurant in Greenwich, CT that not only offers gluten-free dishes, but they taste GOOD, like legit. 

I stumbled upon Thai Basil while combing through Yelp looking for a new place to eat. A reviewer made a comment about the Thai Basil folks being knowledgeable about gluten-freedom and willing to modify dishes to make them GF. I put a lot of faith in that review and was at the restaurant a short time later. 

When we ordered, I asked which dishes could be made gluten-free and the waitress noted that most of the noodle dishes and all of the curry dishes could easily be made gluten-free. Score! I spotted Drunken Noodles on their menu, which I’m obsessed with (probably because it says drunken) and figured I’d put them to the test on it along with a red curry and one of my favorites – laab or larb as it’s sometimes spelled. 

The laab came out first, and was gorgeous to look at, albeit a little messy to eat. The flavor of their laab was not the typical “fish saucey” flavor I’m used to, but I didn’t mind at all. The dressing was very light, with a hint of heat from the Thai chilies. The aromatics came through as well, but didn’t overpower the dish. It’s the perfect dish for a hot day, and bikini season for that matter! 

The drunken noodles and the red curry with chicken came out together and my nostrils were immediately filled with such a mouthwatering aroma that I couldn’t wait to dig in. I took a huge spoonful of both and let them mix and get happy on my plate, which I highly recommend because it only made both dishes taste even better. 

The drunken noodles are everything you want from an Asian noodle dish. I LOVE chow fun noodles, I could eat them all day, and they are the perfect foil for the sauce, veggies and meat. The sauce itself is full of wonderful umami and tastes so rich that you’ll wonder how they omitted all of the gluten.  It’s also a little sweet, which just makes it one of those dishes that you cannot stop eating. 

The red curry is equally delicious and could possibly be one of my favorite Thai restaurant curry dishes I’ve ever had. Yes, it’s that good! The curry is creamy and rich, full of coconut goodness and a subtle sweetness that is absolutely perfect. I was spooning mounds of the curry sauce onto my rice just so I could savor it even more. 

After devouring all the food in front of us, I grinned ear to ear knowing that Thai Basil would soon be making an appearance on my “old standby' list, which is my list of go-to restaurants that I know make amazing food and I’m never disappointed by.  It’s an honor to make that list, and they deserve it 100%. 


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