KLM Airlines Gluten-Free Meal

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 | click here to comment

Booking a flight on KLM Airlines and want to know the skinny on the gluten-free meal? I have you covered.

I went to Amsterdam for my birthday last fall and we flew on KLM on the way home, and I really have almost no qualms about the trip except for the fact that when you fly out of AMS to the U.S., they keep everyone in this fishbowl waiting room that you’re not allowed to leave without having to go through security again. So if you really need to pee, you have to leave, get back on line and go through the bag checkers/scanners again. So weird.

However, the flight itself was pleasant enough and the gluten-free meal was one of the better ones I’ve had considering the disaster of a meal I had on Air France and the less than stellar offerings from Delta.

klm gluten-free

The one thing I wish airlines would do more of is allow custom orders to combine allergies to make one happy allergen-free plate. I’m also lactose-free in addition to being gluten-free, but it seems like I can never request a lacto/gluten-free meal without it also being kosher or something else added on top. I need my pork fat people!

klm gluten-free

Most of the time I just suck it up and bring Lactaid pills (which are gluten-free) with me in case the meal I order has milk, but it would be nice to not have to do that. Perhaps that’s asking too much coming from a lowly coach-fare passenger.

klm gluten-free

Anyway, the KLM meal was better than subpar. The dinner was a lentil chicken concoction that wasn't totally offensive, although the side salad they served with it did little for me. It came with the obligatory rock hard piece of gluten-free bread of course.

klm gluten-free

I actually enjoyed the snack they served after dinner, which was a cheddar cheese risotto with a roasted tomato. In fact, I may actually attempt to recreate it at home one day. It was like all the goodness of Mac & Cheese in risotto form.  Thanks goodness for Lactaid pills! 

What's the best allergen-free meal you've had on a plane and which airline was it?


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