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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 | click here to comment

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Located Uptown, Tweet is a cafe/bar that has a pretty robust gluten-free menu with everything from pancakes to oatmeal and even eggs benedict. We arrived as soon as it opened and there were already a few people queuing up for seats - always a good sign. The minute we sat down I was impressed. Sitting on the table was a basket full of toys and books which immediately occupied my little one, score!

gluten free corned beef hash tweet chicago

I had a hard time settling on what to have for breakfast, but finally decided on the Corned Beef Hash, and a mimosa, of course. Mr. misterbelly is more of a Bloody Mary fan, and if you are too, you will love this place. They have several versions of Bloody Mary's ranging on the spice scale from tame to flaming hot (Classic to Ecstasy). Of course Matt went for the flaming hot version (Ecstasy), which has wasabi, habanero and hot sauce in it. I'm not usually a bloody mary fan, but I can honestly say I thought the drink was awesome. It was the perfect balance of tomato juice, spice and flavor. 

ecstasy bloody mary tweet chicago

But enough about that, and on to my massive plate of goodness that I called breakfast that day. Holy crap was it a lot of food. I was starving and devoured a fair portion of it and almost immediately regretted it because it made me overfull. As I waddled out of the restaurant, adjust my leggings so they would hopefully behave like Spanx against my bloated belly, I thought I wouldn't be able to eat another thing for the rest of the day, but friends, we were just getting started. 


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