Quartino | Chicago, Il

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 | click here to comment

{This is an excerpt from a larger post. To read my entire post on Chicago, click here.}

Quartino is not the type of place I would normally visit. It's loud, touristy and huge. I was grateful for the gluten-free menu though and despite feeling not the least bit hungry, ordered a few shared plates including quinoa pasta, roast chicken and filet medallions, you know, keepin' it casual. 

The tot seemed to enjoy her dinner of pasta and even had a few bites of my quinoa pasta. I hadn't tried quinoa pasta before, but was pleasantly surprised by the texture and taste which isn't anything like the earthiness I expected, but more of a mild rice pasta taste and texture. 

By the time we finished eating at Quartino I had full on meat sweats, but our feast of Chicago was finaly over...at least until I got back to the hotel room and shared the strawberry cupcake from Sweet Ali's with my tot - yum! 

Photo Credit: Otter Box. I didn't take any photos at Quartino as the lighting was too dim. 


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