Miley Cyrus Is Gluten-Free

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 | click here to comment

Pop Star Miley Cyrus took to Twitter recently to refute claims that she is suffering from an eating disorder. Instead she noted that her weight loss has been due to a shift toward gluten and lactose-free eating because of health reasons. 

miley cyrus gluten tweet

Miley is obviously not the first celebrity to talk about living a gluten-free lifestyle, but I think she and other celebs need to be a little more cautious about attributing weight loss to eating gluten-free. Almost any good diet (and by diet I mean food & drink), combined with exercise will help someone lose weight. It's not just omitting gluten from your body that will make you skinny overnight and in most cases, many gluten-free processed foods are higher in fats and sugars to compensate for taste which may lead you to gain weight. 

I'm all for celebs shedding light on gluten-freedom, but it's also important to emphasize that eating gluten-free is not a choice for many, and celiac disease is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly. My mom suffered for years before being diagnosed with Celiac disease, and it's only through eating gluten-free that she's been able to feel normal. I'm glad for the level of awareness Celiac disease and gluten-free living is getting, but hope that it's kept in perspective too. 

What do you think about Miley's claims of gluten-free eating? Do you think she's genuine or just doing it because she thinks it's a fad?


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