Gluten-Free Strawberry Pancakes

Sunday, December 4th, 2011 | click here to comment

One of my favorite breakfast items has to be pancakes. I pretty much love any kind of pancake, but my top two choices are banana walnut or strawberry. I used to have these amazing strawberry pancakes at Pink Teacup in NYC years ago, served with a deep fried porkchop - ie. the perfect hangover food.

toddler assistance is essential in any food preparation

Making strawberry pancakes is super easy, and one of these days I'm going to deep fry a porkchop so I can truly satisfy my Pink Teacup craving, but until then, I'll make do with the fluffy, sweet pancakes I make using my favorite mix by Kinnikinnick.

sliced strawberries

I've run the gamut on pancake mixes, trying everything from Pamela's to making them from scratch using gluten-free flour and Kinnikinnick's mix is by far my favorite and makes perfect pancakes every time. They even pass the toddler test of approval!

mix should be runny with no lumps

To make strawberry pancakes, simply prepare the mix according to the package directions (I use lactose-free milk), and add a cup of sliced strawberries. When you cook the pancakes, make sure not to flip them until they form bubbles.

you can use a mold if you want your pancakes to be perfectly round

I also find that using a non-stick, square pan makes it a lot easier, since you can get at the pancakes easily with a spatula. They are also great for making omelettes!

don't flip until you start seeing bubbles like this form
almost done!
voila! I topped mine with more strawberries, and a dollop of soy whipped cream

Do you have a go-to pancake mix, or recipe? Are you a pancake purist or do you like to add toppings/mix-ins? 


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