Lärabar - Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte

Sunday, October 30th, 2011 | click here to comment

I have a confession and I don't know how to say it, so I'm just going to come right out with it.  I'm not a fan of Lärabars. Probably the least shocking thing you will read on the internet today, but all the same it makes me sad, because they seem like lovely people. I know there are Lärabar devotees out there, but I'm  not one of them. I tried a Lärabar a couple of years ago because of all the hype and ended up spitting it out. It just tasted toohealthy. Ridiculous I know, but the actual product didn't live up to the expectation I had in my mind from the packaging and ingredients.

So, when I got some Lärabars in the mail, I almost threw them out without trying them, but then I thought hey, why not? The new flavor Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte, sounded tantalizing to me and the list of ingredients all seemed harmonious (and gluten-free) so I opened it, took a bite and was pleasantly surprised. It tasted like a bigger, softer version of cherry fruit leather, with bits of chocolate and coconut tossed in for good measure. I ate the whole thing in less than a minute and since then have eaten a few more, which coming from me is a stamp of approval.

I'm not going to say that I'll rush out and buy Lärabars by the armload, but I would definitely buy more of the Chocolate Cherry Torte bars if I had the munchies while I was out and about. Have you tried them yet? What do you think?


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