Tapac 24 - Barcelona, Spain

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Deciding we needed sustenance, in the form of pork (naturally), to cure our hangover, we made our way to Tapac 24, run by Carles Abellan (an El Bulli protegée). I wasn't sure what to expect, but people raved about the place online so I wanted to give it a try and am so glad I did. The tapas were outstanding and the atmosphere is what you would expect in any NYC restaurant.

Iberico Ham - melt in your mouth tastiness

Every single dish we ate was outstanding, from the gambas a la plancha, which were incredibly fresh and sweet, to the point of the fresh blood from the head oozing on my finger. I was a wimp and didn't suck the juices out of the head, but Matt tried it and declared it to be "oceany" (our pet term for briny) so I gave it a pass, but if you're into that whole shrimp head-sucking thing, Tapac 24 is the place to do it.

patatas bravas

My absolute favorite dish there was the omelette with ham and potato, which was a revelation unto itself. I have never had a slightly unset omelette before with runny egg yolk in the middle, it's AMAZING. If I could eat that for breakfast every weekend, I would, although it would make my cholesterol levels sky rocket.

gambas a la plancha - image borrowed from gourmet traveller

The Iberico ham at Tapac 24 was incredible and melted in my mouth, making me want to weep with joy at the deliciousness of it. We had patatas bravas, again, and I have to say they were actually really good. Tapac 24 was the perfect antidote to too much vino tinto.

omelette with ham, potato and an aioli topping

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