Taller de Tapas - Barcelona, Spain

Saturday, October 8th, 2011 | click here to comment

{This is an excerpt from a larger post. To read my entire post on Barcelona, click here.}

This was our official first stop for food in Spain, recommended by our hotel and was a close enough walk that even after me wasting hours of time emoting about my luggage, and having to buy some emergency supplies (a girl needs her mascara), we still made it in time for dinner, which is typically quite late in Spain (starting usually around 8 or 9 PM). Taller de Tapas is one of those touristy restaurants that almost everyone goes to, which means that it is usually the type of place I avoid, because most tourist spots usually churn out a ton of food and don't pay attention to quality. I was actually surprised that the food was good, not mind blowing by any means, but definitely edible enough for me to finish a few plates of tapas. Plus, the wine helped me forget about my lost luggage for a while, which is all I really wanted anyway.

The menu is expansive and has a lot to choose from. We had the grilled asparagus, which I liked, although the asparagus was a bit too thick for what I usually prefer. The gambas al ajillo, which I only found to be okay as the shrimp were far too tiny. The steak, which I didn't like at all, and have pretty much resolved to not eat beef abroad any more because finding a good steak is few and far between. I mean seriously, I don't know if it's the cows or the way meat is cut in Europe, but I've never enjoyed a good piece of steak in Europe.

The sausage & beans were actually one of my highlights, reminding me of Tuscan beans ( I could have done without the sausage). The chicken kebab was also okay, but needed a sauce or something to balance the fattiness from the thigh meat. The chorizo in cider, which of course I gobbled up because if there is one thing that remains consistent when eating in Spain, the chorizo is excellent no matter where you get it from. I also really liked the patatas bravas, but by the end of our Spain trip, did not want to see any again for a long time. I swear by the time we left Spain, I was starting to resemble a fried potato.

After drowning my sorrows in several glasses of vino tinto, we left Taller de Tapas in search of more booze, because if anything is better than some booze, it's more. We found a fun bar in an alleyway, and enjoyed some cheap, but tasty mojitos with party people from various countries. Seeing a bunch of people venturing further down the alley, we explored and found Moog, which is a dance club that plays some amazing house music. Would highly recommend a stop in if you're still into the whole clubbing thing.

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*Note: Photos of food & Taller de Tapas were borrowed from various sources. I was too emo to take my own photos, since I was still upset about my lost luggage. #mature. 


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