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Saturday, October 8th, 2011 | click here to comment

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The main event for the evening was a stop at Albert Adria's Tickets, which we didn't have reservations for. We did however, have reservations for 41 Degrees, which is a mixology focused cocktail bar connected to Tickets through a hallway. At 41 Degrees I had some of the most amazing cocktails I have ever had, not even Milk & Honey measured up in creativity or execution. The menu at 41 Degrees is mostly focused on seafood, and meant to be snacks to enjoy with your drinks. We also had amazing food at the bar and you could conceivably order enough tapas for dinner while sitting at the bar, but we paced ourselves, holding out hope to eat dinner at Tickets.


To start we enjoyed yellowtail sashimi in a yuzu dressing, which were delicate, fresh and and the perfect start to many delicious snacks to come.


A group sitting next to us were trying the famous El Bulli "olives" which explode with delicious olive oil in your mouth, and we of course had to try them as well. The "olive" has a thin membrane-like shell, which is smooth and when gentle pressure is applied, it bursts with olive oil.  I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favorite dish.

a blurry photo of the tuna "tacos"

What was my favorite, and I'm sad I didn't get better photos, were the tuna "tacos" served in fried pork skin (chicharron) which were so incredible we ordered another round.

forest floor dessert

Another dish I was impressed with, but we didn't try, was supposed to resemble a forest floor. I can't remember the name, but it was essentially a chocolate masterpiece that took 15-20 minutes to assemble with careful precision. A far better photo of the complete product is below from The Cat of Curiosity.

 Finally, the cocktails, of which there were many and I don't remember the names of any, but they are beautiful.



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