Blue Grass Bakeshop Cookies

Saturday, September 17th, 2011 | click here to comment

If there is one thing I haven't found myself missing since going gluten-free, it's probably cookies. With so many store bought and bake yourself options to choose from that are incredibly good, I don't think twice about not being able to have a "real" cookie. Which is why I was beside myself (in a bad way sadly) when I tried a new gluten-free cookie by Blue Grass Bakeshop. The packaging is simple, but cute, and I was intrigued so I bought not one, but two different flavors.

I noticed they were made with buckwheat flour, but it didn't click in my head that the flavor of buckwheat would come through in the cookie. When I finally tried a piece, my palate was overwhelmed with the earthy flavor of buckwheat, and a hint of chocolate and cinnamon, truly three flavors that have no right being together. The ultimate test was giving a piece to my toddler who spit it out and told me "No mama."

I'm all for experimental flavors, but these cookies are not exactly what I would label as dessert.They were so off-putting that I threw both of them away, without even trying the second flavor. There are some things my palate has become adjusted to over time, like soy milk, but earthy, strange tasting cookies are not something I think I could ever get used to, gluten-free or not.


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