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Saturday, June 18th, 2011 | click here to comment

Summer is already over. Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but when I look at the calendar and see that June is almost over, I panic. I start thinking about how many weeks I have left to rock all of my summer dresses, and how few weekends are actually left to go to the beach, have BBQ's, drink rosé and all of the good stuff that goes along with 80 degree sunny days.

I'm making the most of my summer by packing in as many activities and road trips as I can before the cruel winter descends on the east coast. For being born and raised in New York, you'd think I'd be used to winter, but it's exactly the opposite, every winter I go through irritates me more and I am wistfully thinking about the day I can move to California and live in perpetually perfect weather.

One of the things I am looking forward to most this summer, is my reservation for "Dinners at the Farm" in July. For those who are not familiar, "Dinners at the Farm" is a series of benefit dinners celebrating Connecticut's local farms, food and community as a way to generate awareness of the importance and vitality of the local farming community and the delicious, wholesome and abundant food it provides.

Each multi-course meal is cooked from scratch and showcases that day's best produce, plus proteins from local ranchers and fishermen, making for a truly unique meal, served communal-style under the stars. They will accomodate those with food allergies if you email in advance.

It sounds absolutely perfect to me and I cannot wait to enjoy my dinner. The extra bonus (nerd alert!) is that the final Harry Potter movie opens on the day I am going, July 15th, so I plan to make a day of it and enjoy myself.

Visit the Dinners at the Farm website for more information or to book your reservation. There are only a few more spots available!


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