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Saturday, February 12th, 2011 | click here to comment

Few things make me get all clammy in the kitchen, but when it comes to gluten-free baking, I get all woozy, especially if I have to do it from scratch.

I received a gluten-free bread mix from Pamela's Productsand was really excited to try my hand at baking gluten-free bread at home, but I haven't baked bread in years and forgot how tedious it can be to make it by hand, even with a mix!

I didn't want to just bake a normal loaf of bread and asked Matt what he thought I should make, and he suggested Cinnamon Rolls, which sounded amazing to me. Little did I realize how difficult it would be to try and make a regular Cinnamon Roll recipe gluten-free.  I found a recipe for a Cinnabon knock-off that I thought would be easy to make, but I got in over my head pretty quickly. The recipe I tried called for double the amount of flour I had available and I wasn't sure if I should use the entire yeast packet or just do half. I ended up using half of the yeasty milk, but looking back, I think I should have used the whole thing.

From there, I tried to get the dough to rise in a warm oven, but it didn't quite work out. I pretty much wanted to throw in towel at that point, but I kept going, driven by my curiosity.  I rolled out the dough and spread the cinnamon butter mixture and cut the dough into cinnamon rolls, which I placed on a parchment paper lined glass pan and baked for an hour.

Half-way through the baking I checked on the rolls and noticed that the top part wasn't cooking, so I flipped them over, since the parchment paper was filled with buttery goodness and I thought that might help the cooking process.

When I pulled the rolls out of the oven, they weren't the plump, fluffy Cinnabon rolls I was hoping for, but they actually tasted pretty good, for all of my floundering.

Looking back, I really wish I would have made bread with the mix, and slathered my bread slices with cinnamon butter! The mix was really easy to use and there were a variety of recipes right on the package for gluten-free breads, including bagels. I'll leave the gluten-free baking experiments to the pro's.  I have a deep respect for anyone that can bake gluten-freely from scratch. If you have any tips on how I could improve the recipe for gluten-free baking, please leave a comment and let me know!


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