King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix

Friday, January 14th, 2011 | click here to comment

I can’t believe it’s the third week of January already.  We’ve been so busy at work and at home, that I barely had time to get a cupcake for my little one’s 2nd birthday.  Her first birthday was such a production, that all we did this year was stop at Crumb’s to get her one of those crazy cupcakes they have.  I have never had the joy of experiencing Crumb’s, but walking in there had me salivating in an instant. The concoctions they come up with are incredible.  I walked out with a German Chocolate cupcake for my husband and a Blackout cupcake for my little one. As we sung her 'Happy Birthday' at home, I found myself staring longingly at the delicious chocolaty concoction sitting in front of her, wanting nothing more than to sink my teeth into it, but I did the second best thing and baked my own cupcakes.

2 years old!

I decided to redeem myself on a previous attempt at making cupcakes from a King Arthur Flour mix, which turned out to be a disaster the first time I made it, since I didn’t pay attention to the directions and completely omitted oil from the batter, whoops! To their credit, the cupcakes were still good and were actually quite moist, albeit unbelievably sticky.

The second time around I paid closer attention to the recipe and made the batter exactly as it should have been and the cupcakes turned out to be amazing.  I was previously a die-hard fan of Dowd and Rogers Dark Vanilla Mix, with Pamela’s Cake Mix coming in at a close second, but King Arthur is my new favorite cake mix. The cupcakes were moist, springy and full of chocolate goodness.  I topped them off with Betty Crocker’s Strawberry Mist frosting, which was one of the only overtly dairy-free options I could find.  I wish the frosting had more of a real strawberry flavor, or even an intensely fake strawberry flavor (like Frankenberry cereal), but it was just sweet, with a vague strawberry flavor.

I didn’t care either way, the cupcake could have been covered in hot sauce and it would have been just as delicious.  I’m excited to try my hand at baking a layered cake with the mix next, but I’ll have to recover from my chocolate overload first.


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