Fairway Market...Like No Other (seriously)

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 | click here to comment

Fairway is a love child I imagine being produced by an overstuffed, portly supermarket and a slim, sensible Whole Foods.   Seriously though, Fairway is the kind of supermarket you could easily spend hours in milling up and down the aisles examining exotic products while stuffing your cart full of foods that normally are only found at specialty or health food stores. I’ve heard people wax poetic about Fairway before, but never bothered to check it out in Manhattan because it was too out of the way for me, but now that one has opened in Stamford, I really had no excuse. This whole “Fairway opening in Stamford” thing has been a HOT topic for quite some time.  People have been chronicling the process from conception to build and everything in between.  To say that the people of Stamford and the surrounding areas were anticipating Fairway opening, is a gross understatement.  Knowing full well that it was going to be a zoo, I thought, hey wouldn't it be fun to just swing by and see what it’s all about?  Clearly I'm a masochist.

some of the gluten free goodies in the freezer

Fun can be defined as a lot of things, the standard definition being something that is lighthearted or amusing.  When we pulled into the parking lot however, I knew this was not going to be fun, and immediately put my supermarket game face on.  You’ve probably seen it before on other women; heck you’ve probably even put it on yourself!  It’s the face of a woman with a mission and a 20-pound metal object that she is willing to hurl at adults and children alike if you dare step into her path as she contemplates the chicken broth.  Yup…that’s the one.

lions and tigers and bears...oh my!

I personally like to put my adorable toddler (shameless self promotion) in the cart basket so I can be sure to wield my weapon of choice with utter abandonment because I have a baby and that makes it ok.  Maybe I’m not really that bad, but a lot of the women at the market ARE that bad and when you pull into a lot that is full to the brim with people on a mission for FOOD, you have to do everything in your power to get through it all.

Anyway, Fairway was packed.  I’m pretty sure I was pressed ass to ass a few times with people I had no interest in being that intimate with since we hadn’t even had a cup of coffee together or anything.  I mean hello, a girl needs to be wooed before we even think about second base.  Anyway, I had quite the challenge trying to maneuver my way through the supermarket and gawk at the same time.

The variety of food they have is astounding; everything from gourmet to organic and in between is there.  The prices, which some people think are amazing, did not impress me, but I WAS impressed by the variety of food.  The gluten free aisle, yes I said AISLE, had an amazing assortment of everything from pasta to cookies and more.  Plus there was a freezer section with all of my favorite goodies like Udi’s muffins, Canyon Bakehouse breads and more.  I swear I got a little weepy just standing there. I know many of you don’t live close to a Fairway, but gluten-free or not if you’re ever in New York or in CT, you need to make it your mission to stop in.   They have a whole section dedicated to olive oils – your standard kind and some “rare” varieties.  When I saw that I wanted to stop and hug everyone and start singing Kumbaya. The actual employees could be better trained, but I’ll give them a free pass this time since it was only like their 4thday on the job, but next time, they better bring it, because mama is going to have her game face on and I’m going shopping!

oodles and oodles of gluten free pasta!


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