Harlow's Caramel Popcorn

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 | click here to comment

I miss going to the movies.  I really do.  It’s things like going to the movies or grabbing a drink after work that you take for granted until you have a kid.  I love my little one to pieces, but I’d be lying if I said I can’t wait until she gets old enough to restrain herself so mommy can cart her to a dark theater to escape from reality from 2 hours while munching on salty, overly buttery movie popcorn. Until then, I have Netflix and a flat-screen TV that I can play pretend with for a while, but what about the popcorn?  For me, popcorn at the movies is quintessential to the whole experience, but it’s really hard to find store bought popcorn that mimics the fakeness that only movie theater popcorn can achieve.  I’ve pretty much given up on it in fact, but I still love popcorn – buttery, cheesy, or sweet my belly does not discriminate.

I had a popcorn impulse buy recently that I’m really glad about.  I saw a display at Whole Foods of Harlow’s Popcorn and something about the simplicity of the packaging and the flavors really spoke to me.  I picked up a bag of caramel corn that looked insanely good and after inspecting the ingredients list to ensure it's gluten-freedom, I could barely restrain myself from opening the bag right then and there. A lot of caramel corn can be overly sweet or just too crunchy, but Harlow’s is perfection.  It’s sweet and buttery with just the right amount of salt.  Strangely enough, it had a very subtle flavor that reminded me of movie theater popcorn, but maybe I was imagining it, or having wishful thinking.  The caramel corn does contain peanuts, but it doesn’t compete with the popcorn at all.  Nothing like Cracker Jack, which is mostly peanut with some popcorn. I liked the Harlow’s Caramel Corn so much that I went back and decided to try their Kettle Corn, which comes in a much bigger bag and is so good.  They really nailed the perfect Kettle Corn flavor, just the right amount of sweet and salt that will have you reaching into the bag for more and more…until you realize you’ve almost eaten the entire thing.  Whoops!


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