Cookie Crisp Sprinkles Are (possibly) Gluten-Free

Thursday, September 30th, 2010 | click here to comment

Cookie Crisp are just about the last thing that I would ever imagine being gluten-free, but I recently discovered the new Cookie Crisp Sprinkles, and they are made of corn and have no glaring wheat containing ingredients, which is super exciting.

I tried a box recently and was expecting to get sick, or at the very least, have an upset stomach, but I felt totally fine afterward.  General Mill's has not specifically labeled Cookie Crisp Sprinkles as gluten-free, so if you are very sensitive it may be best to avoid these as I'm not sure if they are made on dedicated lines or on lines that are cleaned after each batch.

They don't taste anything like regular Cookie Crisp, but they have a good vanilla flavor and are perfect for late night snacks.  I'm not a big sugary cereal eater anymore, but if I was, I'd totally buy these again.  I'm hopeful that more mainstream brands will reformulate their cereals to be gluten-free.  Still holding out for Kelloggs' Corn Flakes!  Which mainstream cereal do you wish was gluten-free?


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