Gummy Bears! Bouncing Here & There

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 | click here to comment

I'm a total and complete candyholic, if it has sugar, I probably like it.  If it has sugar and it's sour, I probably love it and if it's all of the above and in gummy format, I'm all over it.  The thing with most candy, especially gummy candy, is that a large majority of it contains gluten, which is no bueno for us gluten-free folk.  

The good thing is that a few companies are making gluten-free gummy candy, and a lot of it is actually really good. One of my favorite gummy candy brands is Black Forest (which are supposedly gluten-free), I revere their gummy bears over all others, and have been searching for a natural/organic gluten-free version that closely mirrors their greatness and think I finally found a fantastic option in Yummy Earth's Gummy Bears. The Yummy Earth gummy bears are fruity, chewy and delicious.  They are exactly how you'd expect a gummy bear to taste, with the exception that they have a slightly oily texture.  I still love them though, and these end up in my house quite often for late-night snacks.

glistening with oil, but oh so tasty (Yummy Earth Gummy Bears)

My other favorite gluten-free gummy snacks come from a very new UK company called Goody Good Stuff.  I recently discovered their sour gummy candy at Stop & Shop randomly, set off to the side in a big bin no where near the candy aisle. I walked past and saw the words gluten-free and did a double take and had to go back and check it out.  I loved the fun packaging and it was a no brainer to try since it was on some weird kind of sale at my supermarket.

I wasn't expecting much, but when I tried one of the gummy worms, I was pleasantly surprised, they have a nice fruity flavor that isn't typical of normal candy.  The ingredients and flavorings include everything from orange, to elderberry to nettle, but the flavors are all very familiar and absolutely yummy. The sour sugar wasn't quite sour enough for my taste, but still had a nice tang and had me wanting to eat more.

small, but yummy!

Both snacks are great for kids too, they use all natural flavorings and colorings, are gluten and dairy free, and in the case of the Goody Good Stuff, vegan. Hooray for all things gummy!


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