Canyon Bakehouse Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 | click here to comment

Every now and then I try a gluten-free product that makes me literally say wow.  It's not very often, but when it does happen, I get all giddy like I'm a little kid.  One of those yummy gf products that had me raising my eyebrows in a good way was Canyon Bakehouse's Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia. I spotted it at my local Mrs. Green's and did a double take because I've never noticed their products before and hello, because it was focaccia! I can't remember the last time I had focaccia, and I've missed it dearly.  I love going out to restaurants and nibbling on a wonderful thick bread like focaccia dipped in a great olive oil and couldn't wait to replicate that at home the first chance I got.

1 lb of goodness

The bread itself was hard as a brick coming out of the freezer, which had me a little worried, but as I left it out to thaw, it softened and I became hopeful.  I've had some bad experiences with gluten free breads in the past, and it's hard to shake off a bad experience, but a quick nibble on the still cold focaccia told me that it was going to be yum.

right off the grill - yum!

We gave the bread a light coating in olive oil and the hubby took it to the grill to work his magic.  When he brought it back a few minutes later, the bottom was nicely charred and it smelled delicious.  I cut into it immediately so I could spare myself any disappointment and focus on my main course in case it didn't taste good, but it surpassed my expectations and Canyon Bakehousehas now landed on my list of favorite brands!  The bread was soft, moist and wonderfully flavorful.  I made a spicy olive oil by adding some red pepper flakes and a bit of kosher salt to a few tablespoons of olive oil, which was a nice complement to the herby bread.

dipped in a spicy oil - delish!

I'm already thinking of all of the great sandwiches and dishes I can make with this focaccia and can't wait to buy more!  Plus, the bread is dairy free which is awesome for the lactose free folks like me.  If there is anything I don't like more than hidden wheat, it's hidden dairy.  :) Has anyone else tried Canyon Bakehouse products before?  What are your favorites?


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