Almond Dream Bites Are Gluten Free

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 | click here to comment

My obsession du jour is Almond Dream Bites.  I found them at my local crunchy food store and was super excited to try them because they are dairy AND gluten-free.  I normally don't like ice-cream substitutes and have tried a variety of soy, rice or coconut concoctions in the past with varying success - none of which I'd really buy again, except for Luna & Larry's- they have the whole coconut ice cream thing perfected.

What grabbed me about the Almond Dream Biteswas their striking similarity to bon-bons, which I have a weakness for.  Something about mini balls of ice cream covered in dark chocolate, really makes me swoon.  I tried one of the Almond Dream Bites as soon as I got in the car and was prepared to hate it, but was pleasantly surprised.  The chocolate is nice and has that dark chocolate flavor you'd find in any chocoolate covered ice cream bar.  The ice cream itself has a slightly almondy/vanilla flavor, a nice mouth feel and pairs perfectly with the chocolate.  It's like eating a almondy candy bar in ice cream form. Delish!

I have no idea how they make ice cream out of almonds, but I hope they keep it  up because these are awesome and I think they will be making a regular appearance in my frozen treat treasure trove...aka my freezer.


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