My Not-So-Favorite Gluten-Free Products

Monday, August 16th, 2010 | click here to comment

You always hear a lot about the gluten-free products that are awesome, but what about the products that are not so amazing?  I've rounded up 5 gluten-free products that could be better, with a little tweaking.  Leave a comment and let me know if you agree or disagree with my picks!

Glutino Berry Great Beginnings

I really wanted to like this cereal, it sounded amazing and with Glutino touting it on Twitter, I figured why not, and ordered it from  My biggest qualm with gluten-free corn flakes is usually the flakes are quite thick and taste like cardboard.  Nature's Path Honey'd Flakes are the only ones that come to mind that are more successful than others, but Glutino sadly, did not live up to my expectations.  The flakes were so hard that I thought I was going go cut the roof of mouth.  The strawberries, on the other hand, were really good and would have been perfect with a different flake.  Glutino makes a variety of products that I enjoy, like their crackers and pretzels.  The cereal was a big miss for me though and I'd love to see them reformulate the flake to be a little lighter.

WOW Baking Company Snickerdoodle's

It kind of pains me to give WOW a bad review because I really love their chocolate chip cookies and their brownies, but their Snickerdoodle's left me with a bad taste in my mouth...literally.  The cookie itself was great, soft and a nice flavor, but the cinnamon-sugar was awful.  I don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but the cinnamon-sugar was extremely odd tasting.  The sugar itself wasn't sweet, or the kind of sweet I was expecting at least, and the cinnamon did not come through for me at all.  It really ruined the cookies for me and I had to throw the box away, which was annoying after I spent $6 on it!

Mrs. Crimble's Cheese Crackers

Mrs. Crimble's is another company that makes pretty good gluten free snacks.  Their macaroons, while incredibly fattening and decadent, are really good and are a satisfying snack after a meal.  Their crackers however, did not thrill me.  I'm personally partial to Glutino's crackers because they remind me of Ritz crackers in texture, but I do love all sorts of crackers and thought these would be a nice alternative to eat with cheese and meats.  Unfortunately the cheese flavor was odd to me and the cracker itself was ok, but did not win me over enough to keep these in my pantry.

Yumnuts Toasted Coconut

I actually really like Yumnuts.  I've had their dark chocolate flavor before and really loved them.  So much so, that I branched out to try more flavors, which unfortunately led me to the Toasted Coconut duds.  They sound good in concept, and really the flavor is good, but they are way too sweet and I found myself wanting salt to brighten them up and cut that cloying sweetness.  I think a little salt, or the addition of complimentary flavor like chocolate would be a huge win for these.

Tinkyada Pasta

Ah, Tinkyada!  They were there for me when I started my gluten-free diet,  they are by far the most easy to find and were one of the first pastas I tried when I went gluten-free so many years ago.  I loved Tinkyada, I used their pastas exclusively for years...until I went to Italy.  It was in Rome that my eyes were opened to the greatness of corn pasta, and even more that that, the corn and rice blended pastas.  I remember eating at a restaurant in Rome and questioning whether they got my order right, and they brought out the package of Le Veneziane from the back.  I haven't gone back to Tinkyada since. Don't get me wrong, their pastas are good for what they are, but when it comes to taste and texture, rice pasta will never match up to corn or blended pastas.  Plus, with all of the easily available options like Schar and Sam Mills, you can almost replicate the texture of wheat-based pasta.  I know many Celiac's out there also have corn allergies, so obviously the corn-based options wouldn't work for you, and in that case I think Tinkyada is still one of the better rice-based options out there!


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