Cafe Cogululu - Wilton, CT

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 | click here to comment

I feel pretty lucky about where I live.  Knowing nothing about Connecticut, I somehow managed to buy a house that is centrally located to a bunch of gluten-free stores and restaurants, with more popping up every day.  I stumbled upon Cafe Cogululu online and couldn't wait to try it after reading that they are a 100% gluten-free restaurant.  Yes, you read that correctly - a totally gluten-free restaurant!

i'm thinking about getting a t-shirt that says this

After a family visit to the eye doctor that lasted about 3 hours, with a stop at CVS thrown in there for good measure to buy diapers and change my poopy-diapered kid in the parking lot (#classy) because I forgot my diaper bag, we were all famished, and possibly a little mentally scarred (sorry baby!) with that frantic look about us that could only be described as hungry jackals on the Serengeti plains.

this was taken in the car, right before we devoured it like a bunch of hungry animals

I remembered Cafe Cogulu in my wild eyed state and demanded that we stop in to experience their gluten-free Shangri-la.  The lot they are located in also happens to be the same lot that Toozy Patza(gluten-free pizza!) is located in, sweet!  When you pull up, the first thing that greets you is a chalkboard touting their gluten-freedom.  The restaurant itself is cute, with a few tables and a couch inside.  They have a deli case displaying homemade sweet treats and they also sell gelato.

Il Cowboy - a manly name for a manly panini

The menu is somewhat limited, but features panini's, salads and assorted extras like pasta.  I didn't want any cheese, so I opted to forgo the panini in favor of a chicken salad, which had grilled chicken on top of a heap of greens.  For the little one, we got breaded chicken tenders, which came with a side of ketchup.  The hubby got a roast beef panini, which I tried a little of and thought was good - next time I would totally opt for the panini. My salad was good, but completely unadventurous.  The chicken tenders were really good, although a tiny bit oily.  The flavors were great though, rosemary and other herbs, maybe not super kid friendly, but the bebe ate a good amount, so she must have liked it!

grilled chicken salad

For dessert I picked up a box of cinnamon/nut muffins filled with cream cheese.  I really enjoyed them, but they were a bit greasy, and made me feel like I instantaneously gained a pound after eating just one.  The flavor was mostly cinnamon, with a bit of a kick, which I think was ginger.  I inquired about the baked goods, and apparently all of the treats and breads are baked fresh on premises, you can't beat that!

cream cheese filling be still my heart

I really enjoyed stopping into Cafe Cogululu and would go back, but would like to see them expand their menu a bit and add more desserts that are less heavy-handed on the butter, and I love butter, so that's saying a lot.  I hope they finally got that snazzy new espresso machine they were chatting with me about!


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