Meli Melo - Greenwich, CT

Thursday, July 8th, 2010 | click here to comment

I used to live on the Lower East Side in Manhattan a few years ago.  I had my share of late nights out on the town, and one of my favorite destinations after a night out was Creperie, which was open rather late for a place that specializes in crepes.  My favorite crepes were of course, Nutella, but I really would eat just about anything served on one of their yummy crepes. I haven't had a crepe since I've been gluten-free and I missed them dearly...until now.

I recently discovered a creperie in Greenwich, CT called Meli Melo, that also offers gluten-free versions of their crepes, both savory and sweet versions.  For their savory crepes, they offer a gluten-free buckwheat version and the sweet crepes are made of rice flour. I spoke to one of the lovely French women working there on the phone and was so overjoyed to hear about the gluten-free crepes, that she laughed and said she was happy to make my day. I made plans immediately to stop in, but did not account for how small or how busy the place was.  On my first visit, the line was out the door, so we took our crepes to go, which was good, but definitely not ideal.  I had the ham, cheese and egg buckwheat crepe and the Nutella rice crepe.  They held up well, but I knew they would be better if we sat down to eat.

wheat-flour crepe with prosciutto, cornichons, mesclun salad and capers (for the hubby)

I went again, this time during the week in the middle of the day and we got a table. I brought my Flip-Cam along, but unfortunately the battery died right in the middle of my video so I can't share it with you. I did snap some photos, which I hope will do these tasty creations some justice! This time around I had the buckwheat crepe with goat cheese, walnuts and mesclun salad.  The buckwheat crepes have a strong flavor, I can't really pinpoint what they taste like exactly, but I agree with the "nutty" or "earthy" descriptions I've heard before.  Buckwheat is definitely nothing like regular wheat flour, but I don't mind it. I think the flavor of the buckwheat worked really well with the goat cheese.  The two strong flavors tempered each other and made for something really delicious.  My only wish was that they would put more of the dressing on the salad, as I was really craving a little more acid to balance the other flavors.

buckwheat crepe with mesclun salad, walnuts and goat cheese

For a dessert, I had the rice crepe with chocolate sauce and strawberries. An incredibly sinful and decadent combination. The rice crepes reminded me very much of French crullers in flavor, it was subtle, but definitely there (for me anyway). The chocolate sauce and strawberries were the star of the show, but the crepe held it's own and was a worthy vessel delivering the chocolaty/strawberry goodness to my mouth.

rice flour crepe with chocolate sauce and strawberries

I left Meli Melo content, full, euphoric and exhausted (gotta love big meals that wear you out).  Just a recommendation, if you ever stop in, make sure to budget some time afterward for a nap, because you will need it!  The hubby, baby and myself all piled into the bed when we got home from lunch and promptly passed out.  Any food that has the ability to put me into a food coma is amazing in my book!


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