Jake Bakes Caramel Corn

Saturday, June 19th, 2010 | click here to comment

When I think about caramel corn the first thing that comes to mind is Cracker Jack. Back in the day, I would get so excited for a box of Cracker Jack, because not only did you get the sweet, buttery popcorn/peanut goodness, but you got a free toy too! For the moms out there, Cracker Jack is gluten free according to the Frito-Lay website.

Nowadays, I'm more into the artisan-style or gourmet popcorns that have loads of chocolate or savory flavors. It can be hard to find a gluten free gourmet popcorn though because a lot of companies that produce them also produce or use wheat products. A new caramel corn has popped up (no pun intended!) that is gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, but still tastes great! Jake Bakes Caramel Corn is pretty basic, but tastes really good. Even the hubby was snacking on it, which says a lot. The popcorn itself is fluffy and light, and is covered, but not smothered, with corn syrupy goodness which makes it taste like toffee. It's sweet, but not cloying, which can be dangerous because you may snack on more than you intended to. I really like it though, and find that a small handful satisfies any sugar craving I'm having.

Jake Bakes also has a variety of other vegan/gluten free snacks including cookies, marshmallows and granola. I'm eyeing up their marshmallows for another post!


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