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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 | click here to comment

I was really determined to get a Vince's Special sandwich at Petit Cafe today.  I walked all the way from Lafayette to 7th Ave just to find that Petit Cafe was closed for some unknowable reason.  Total crisis for me.  As I stood there, perplexed, staring into the darkened windows, my mind started racing.  What was I going to eat now?  I only had a half-hour of my lunch break left to find another gluten free Shangri-La in the city, and dammit I REALLY wanted my Vince's Special sandwich (once you try it you will understand).

My Virgo-ness leads me to be pretty inflexible at times, and when I'm fixated on something it's like trying to move a mountain to get me to move onto something else.  I ended up wandering the West Village on my way back to the office, with some vague notion that I could go to Risotteriafor lunch, but I really didn't want Risotteria.  Don't get me wrong, I love them and their food, but it's so rich that I normally don't bother with them for lunch unless I want a salad, and only just for the free breadsticks that come with, naturally.

As I was about to round the corner, I remembered that a random pizza place started following me on Twitter a few weeks back called zpizza and I had exchanged a few tweets with them.  Their main deal is organic, funky pizzas, but they also have gluten free crusts.  I put them in the back of my mind at the time because I only get pizza once in a while and almost never for lunch anymore because of my dairy intolerance, but I remembered something about them having dairy free cheese so I looked them up on the trusty Blackberry and what do you know, their store was right across the street from where I was standing!

I was famished by this time and wandered in there looking confused and probably a little crazy.  I was immediately thrown off by the lack of a menu board anywhere.  As a New Yorker I'm pretty used to seeing even a basic menu board listing the goods and prices.  I picked up a take-out menu and tried to navigate my way through their variety of toppings and sauces for their pizzas.  I saw the vegan cheese on the menu, but my experience in the past with vegan cheese left me with a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended).  The girl behind the counter described their vegan cheese as "creamy and gooey" which made me skeptical, but I figured why not.  Besides, she gave me a $5 off coupon so the small pie would only put me out $5 if I hated it (a small gf is only $10!).

I ordered a pepperoni vegan cheese pizza, because hey, if I was going vegan on the cheese I might as well load up on pork for a topping, right?  I was so hungry walking back to the office that I picked off a few of the pepperoni's and tasted the cheese stuck to the bottom.  Strange, but good.  Once I got back to my desk, and snapped a few pics with ye olde trusty Bb and promptly devoured half the pizza. 

The cheese is Daiya Vegan cheese, which is both creamy and gooey as the pizza girl described and tastes nothing like cheese, but is actually really good.  I can't describe it other than it had a very creamy taste and was very sticky.  The pizza crust was good and didn't seem to be the standard Still Riding crust that many establishments use.  It was a thin crust, but still had a slightly chewy feel to it, which I personally enjoy. I'm happy about zpizza, it's not my beloved Pizza Fusion and the Bleecker location still has some kinks to work out in general, but for a gluten/lactose free pizza on the go, it's fab!  Plus, they have all sorts of coupons and offers via their Twitter and on their Yelp page.

Let me know what you think if you check it out!


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