The-Lite-Ful Cheesecake

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 | click here to comment

I love discovering new gluten free goodies whenever I go out.  I can spend hours, much to the hubby's chagrin, wandering supermarket aisles and inspecting every new item to see if it's gluten free.  I recently checked out the brand new Whole Foods in Darien, CT to scope the space and see if they had any interesting gluten free goodies I hadn't seen before.

They have a really good selection of gluten free products, as most WF's do, but I found a gluten free cheesecake in one of the cold cases that I've never seen before by a brand called The-Lite-Ful.  I normally never approach anything that says "lite" on it, because let's be honest,  when I want something to snack on, I'm not trying to delude myself that it's good for me.  Give me the sugar and fat or forget about it.  I picked it up anyway, because I'll admit, sometimes even light cheesecakes can taste good, and discovered that the particular one I was eyeballing wasn't fat or sugar free at all.  Plus, it was Kahlua flavored, a bonus in my book.

Normally I avoid dairy, because of my lactose intolerance, but I'll pop a Lactaid pill for something especially yummy, like cheesecakes or gelato and of course, cheesecake flavored with Kahlua is just a whole new caliber of yummy.  The Lactaid pill was worth it for this cheesecake!  The cheesecake was rich and decadent and the almond crust was moist and flavorful. I'm still trying to figure out how they made the crust!  I couldn't finish the whole thing because of how rich it was, but if you have someone to split it with, this is the perfect, simple dessert to top off any meal.

They have a variety of different flavors, and they actually do have "lite" versions of their cheesecakes, which are sugar and fat free.  Maybe they should call the regular version "The-Sin-Ful" to differentiate between the two!


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