Boulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean Artisan Snack Chips

Saturday, February 6th, 2010 | click here to comment

I'm so excited when I go to Whole Foods and find new gluten free treats.  I'm not a big chip eater, but I was having a party and wanted to have a pita like chip that would be great for dipping in hummus.  I've seen the Boulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean chips before, but I never bought them because I didn't know what an Adzuki bean was and I wasn't sure if they would taste good.

According to Wikipedia, Adzuki beans are grown in East Asia and are commonly used for making red bean paste.  I had no idea! I was pleasantly surprised to find that these chips are really good.  They are very thin and have a great savory flavor, almost like garlic or some type of spice, and a subtle hint of sweetness. These are definitely not pita style chips in any respect, but I didn't mind at all.  I didn't even bother with dipping them in hummus because they tasted great right out of the bag!


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