Stonyfield Farms Yogurt is Gluten Free

Saturday, January 9th, 2010 | click here to comment

I'm (mostly) dairy free, which can be challenging because most soy substitutes pale in comparison to the original.  Take yogurt for instance, dairy yogurt has that tang that soy just can't mimic, no matter how hard it tries.  It's ok though - I've convinced myself that eating soy yogurt is healthier, whether it really is or not. I used to be all about WholeSoy & Co. yogurt, but didn't really like the chalky/watery taste and moved on to Silk Live! soy yogurts, which are actually really tasty, but they are hard to come by at most big chain stores, so I can only get them when I make a Whole Foods run. 

Stonyfield Farms yogurts are everywhere, but I never noticed that they had a soy version of their yogurts until recently and I've really been missing out!  Their O'Soy yogurts are really thick and creamy - which makes for a very satisfying snack/breakfast.  I checked out their site and found out that many of their yogurts have been certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) so you can add another mainstream item to your list of gluten freedom. 

Below is the list of Stonyfield Farm yogurts that are gluten free - moms, take note of the YoBaby yogurts for your sensitive little ones!  My 1 yr old daughter is not GF, but she majorly hearts her YoBaby's.

The GFCO certification includes the following Stonyfield Farm products*:

  • 6 oz. Fat Free, Low Fat, and Whole Milk Organic Yogurt cups (all flavors)
  • 32 oz. Fat Free, Low Fat, and Whole Milk Organic Yogurt quarts (all flavors)
  • 4 oz. Fat Free Organic Yogurt cups (all flavors)
  • 4 oz. YoBaby Organic Yogurt cups (except for YoBaby Plus Fruit & Cereal)
  • 6 oz. YoBaby Organic Drinkable Yogurts (all flavors)
  • 10 oz. & 6 oz. Low Fat Organic Yogurt Smoothies (all flavors)
  • 4 oz. & 6 oz. O'Soy Soy-Yogurt cups (all flavors)
  • 4 oz. YoMommy Low Fat Organic Yogurt cups (all flavors)
  • 4 oz. YoKids Low Fat Organic Yogurt cups (all flavors)

For more information about Stonyfield Farm, its products and initiatives, visit Enjoy!


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