Review: L'asso Pizza

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 | click here to comment

Ah...what to get when one has a hangover?  My hangover cravings are pretty standard: burger & fries or pizza.  Since I don't work near any place that offers gluten free burgers (Friedman's I'm looking at you to expand your delivery range to SoHo!) I opted instead to get pizza from L'asso to soothe my post-wedding boozeover. I was pretty excited to find out that L'asso was so close to where I work, but was definitely skeptical about trying their pizza because unlike Risotteria, they don't make their own crust.  They buy pre-made, frozen crusts from Still Riding Pizza, which apparently is where Pizza Fusion gets their crusts from as well.  I was really hopeful when I got my $18 (!) delivery, since it looked amazing.  Looks can be deceiving though and the crust left much to be desired.  It's not bad, but it's really not that good when you compare it to Risotteria or even Pizza Fusion, which is just odd since it's the same crust.  I'm not sure if Pizza Fusion gets a different version of the same crust, but they have some awesome gf pizza.


Anyway, I've had Still Riding pizza crust before from Frascati's in Stamford and remember not liking the crust, although that pizza was just woeful overall.  The pizza from L'asso was ok, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't great.  The cheese and sauce didn't really make up for the chewy, thick crust either.  I felt like the sauce could have been a little richer and I really wish they offered some gf toppings. Overall L'asso is not a bad option if you're in the area and really have a craving for gf pizza, but honestly I'd just walk to the West Village and get Risotteria.


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