I spent $17 at Babycakes today...

Thursday, October 8th, 2009 | click here to comment

It is becoming somewhat of  a habit lately for me to take leisurely (lunch time) walks over from SoHo to the Lower East Side to pick up goodies from Babycakes.  Poor me, right?  I stopped in today to see what yummy treats they had and noticed that they have gluten free donuts!  They are miniature and looked so tasty that I bought one of each kind they had: chocolate frosted, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar.  I didn't stop there though, I figured that since I was already there I might as well stock up, so I bought a chocolate chip pumpkin AND a carrot cupcake.  They are gluten, dairy, soy and casein free so they must be lower in fat right?  (I don't want to know!)

IMG00107-20091008-1425Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cupcake & Carrot Cupcake (both gluten free)

I ate the chocolate frosted donut as soon as I got back to work and it was everything I hoped it would be -  sweet, soft with that yummy slightly melty frosting on top and delicious.  I was so excited to come home (eat more) and blog about them, but forgot the rest at work!  So now I have three long days before  I can be reunited with my tasty treats. I did snap photos of them on my Blackberry while at work.  Looks tasty right?

donut2Chocolate Frosted Gluten Free Donut

Long story short, stop at Babycakes the next time you are in the city.  You won't be disappointed!


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