Freed Goods Co. Chocolate Brownie

Friday, September 18th, 2009 | click here to comment

Someone pinch me.  Could this brownie really be that good? At my local Italian gluten free market (yes, you read that correctly) I found hidden among the myriad frozen gluten free pastas, a few brownies that said simply "Freed Goods Gluten Free Brownie."  I've tried my share of gluten free brownies, and usually I pass them over in stores unless I'm really craving chocolate.  Well today I was craving chocolate so I picked up their plain chocolate brownie and decided to give it a try. The brownie is really incredible.   It's moist, rich and decadent which is everything you'd expect from a regular brownie, but very rarely something you get from a gluten free brownie.  There is no chalky taste or weird chocolate flavor.  Just remember your favorite brownie and you'll be pretty much on par with the flavor of this lovely delicacy.


Should you buy it?  Yes!  Seriously.  They have a website, check it out:, they sell chocolate coconut brownies and blondies too!  Plus, the creator of Freed Goods donates 5% of profits to infertility education, research and treatment, something close to her heart.


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