Restaurant Review: Macaron Café

Saturday, May 16th, 2009 | click here to comment

Forgive me for being ignorant, but I had no idea what a macaron was until a few months ago.  One of my friends is obsessed with them and was raving about this little hole in the wall in the city that serves fresh seasonally flavored macarons.  I looked up macaron recipes online and to my delight I discovered they are gluten free!  I thought about making them myself, but I figured I could save myself the trouble and just buy them. So off to Macaron Café I went!  I almost walked past it when I first went there.  It's really tiny - you basically take two steps inside and that's about it.  There is a display case with all of their colorful macarons labeled according to flavor.  The flavors change every day, but there are a few that are staples like the Bourbon Vanilla and Chocolate.  I couldn't decide what to get so I got two of everything in the case - Coconut, Chocolate, Bourbon Vanilla, Lavendar, and Caramel.  Supposedly their Passion Fruit flavor is super yum, but they didn't have any that day.  I also double checked with the friendly clerk and she confirmed the ingredients. All of the flavors were really tasty, but I particularly enjoyed the Coconut and Vanilla Bourbon.  Mind you these aren't exactly diet variety snacks (but what desserts really are) and I devoured about 3 or 4 the first day I brought them home.  The cookie is crisp on the outside, with a slightly chewy center and a buttery ganache filling in the middle.  They taste great with coffee, which in case you were wondering they do serve at the café, along with crepes and small sandwiches. I am already planning my next trip to see what new flavors they have!


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